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100 Best Copywriting Headline Templates

copywriting headline

Copywriting Headline Templates – Untuk kamu yang ingin mendapatkan template untuk headline dari sebuah copywriting, berikut ini template-template-nya.  Berbahasa Inggris, memang, akan tetapi cukup bisa menjadi inspirasi pastinya.


Do You Make These _____ Mistakes?


“Give Me _____ Minutes And I’ll Show You How To _____ As Easily As Turning A Water Faucet.


Winning the _____ Game.


The _____ Step Master Plan For Maximizing Your _____


How I Turned A Failing _____ Into $_____ Per Year On The Internet




“The Secret to _____ Is Simply Using the Right _____!”


How Much Would You Be Willing to Pay for The Most Powerful, Life-Changing Information on the Planet Related To _____ and _____?


Announcing A New Resource That Can Help You _____!”


Yours For Only $_____ – A Massive Collection of Winning _____ to Model, Copy and Swipe!


Controversial Document Reveals The Unknown Secret Of _____ That could be THE Missing Link To YOUR _____!


“How I Turned a Simple _____ Into an _____ Empire That _____”


How to Influence Your Prospects’ _____


Who Want to _____!


How To Generate Instant _____ Whenever You Want, With Zero _____ Costs.


If you ever dreamed of _____, then this _____ written by one of the most successful _____ of our time is a Must Have!


“Discover The Embarrassingly Simple Mistake That _____ Absolutely Free!”


Learn How You Can Quickly and Easily _____… Without Wasting Tons of _____.


“Drop Me Off In The Middle Of _____, With Nothing But _____, And I Can _____ In _____ Hours!” (Discover how you can too…)


Learn How to Triple Your Income Using These ___ Simple Techinques


At last, fill in the blanks, click a button, and out pops a _____ 100% customized for your _____!


“Now You Can Quickly and Easily Get _____ Every Day… Without Wasting Another Dime Ever Again!”


How to start your own _____ business and live a lifestyle with amazing freedom.


“Introducing A Revolutionary New Approach To _____ – And How YOU Can Take Advantage Of It Before Anyone Else!”


Who Else Wants To Learn The Hidden Secrets Of Quickly Turning ANY _____ Into A $_____/Month Automatic _____ Generator?


“Top _____ Spanning the Globe Finally Unveil Their Greatest Secrets to _____…And Shed Light Into a Growing Economy of Failing _____!”


In just _____ minutes, with only _____ steps, you can achieve _____


“Expert _____ Reveals How To _____ From _____ That Works for You Whether You Are Awake or Asleep!”


“Can You Answer The _____Most Important Questions About _____?”


FREE alert reveals proven _____ strategies & tips to _____ instantly


The Secret Behind _____



Baca Juga: 3 Tips dalam Menulis Headline yang Sulit Diabaikan Pembaca



“If You’ve Got _____ SECONDS To Spare Today, Then You Can _____”


“How to Earn _______ Regardless of Who You Are And Regardless Of What Your Level Of _____ Experience Is”


Discover the Fantastic Formula that Brings _____, _____ and Happiness!


How To Generate Free _____, Free _____, Free _____ And Free _____ Anytime You Want!


The _____ Little-Known Secrets To _____.


How Would You Spend An Extra $_____, Starting Tomorrow?


How To Get _____& _____ _____ At Unbelievable Discounts


How An Unemployed _____ Invented A Revolutionary Approach To _____ In His _____


Create Your Own _____ From Scratch


How To _____ Maximum _____ In Minimum Time!


_____ _____ For The Price Of 1! No More To Buy.


An Amazing Secret That Can Make Your _____ _____% More Profitable!


Discover The Amazing Winning Secret To _____!


Here’s how to _____ on any _____ almost instantly…In just _____ _____!


Discover How To Turn What You Already Know About Your _____ Into A Million Dollar _____ Empire!


Literally *Everything* You Need To _____ by _____


Give Me One Evening And I’ll Give You A _____


$_____ A Month ($_____ A Year!) You Can Too If You Use My Secret”


In One short And Very Powerful Evening You’ll… “Discover The Single Most Important Secret _____ Has Used To _____!


How You Can Make $_____ A Year As A Successful _____!


“How To Get All The _____ You’ll Ever Need For _____… 100% Guaranteed!


The Easiest Way to _____ Anything


Get your hands on a FREE trial issue of _____ You’ll never let it go.


The Advantage You Need To Compete In Today’s _____ Economy


_____: Myth or Miracle?


“Wouldn’t it be great to have me – _____– sitting in your office, waiting, “on call” to leap to attention and give you my very best advice, answer, or strategy any minute you need it, day or night?”


You Are about to experience _____ as you never have before.




Treat Yourself to “Instant _____” for the next _____ days!


Thinking About _____…?


How To Organize Your _____& Get Rid Of _____


“Finally…A Quick and Easy Way For the ‘Average Joe’ to _____ – Without Spending a Lot of Time or Money”


How To Design Attention-Grabbing _____


Unlike other premium _____, you’re not paying extra for our name.


This is the Most Powerful Way to _____


When It’s OK To _____!


Best-Kept Secret In _____ Revealed!


How One Average Guy Sold _____ Sets in _____ Days


I Was Scared Out of My Wits Whenever I Used This _____ Tactic — But the _____ Was Too Good to Pass Up


How to Use the Phenomenon of _____ to Turn Your _____ Into _____


Are You Still Wasting Money On “_____” And “_____”, With Little Or No _____?


The Secrets Of _____ Revealed FREE!


Thousands of People from All over the World Have Paid Up To $_____ Each to Learn How to Master My _____ Methods, -NEVER To Occur Again. If You Act Quickly, You Can Have A Backdoor Pass To My Lifetime Experience of _____ and _____ for Dimes on the Dollar!


_____ Expert Reveals Powerful Secrets Of _____


How To make Your _____ Pull Like Crazy… And Finally Make Money Online!


_____ Proven Steps To Making Money On The Internet


We guarantee you’ll _____ faster and better, or we’ll refund your money.


This May Be The Most Important _____ We’ve Ever _____.


Pros Want It, Newcomers Need It, You Can Test It-FREE For _____ DAYS!


What _____ Don’t Tell You.


The Most Powerful _____ Secret In History


How To Make _____ In _____


How A New Kind Of _____ Improved My _____ In _____ Minutes


Here’s A Quick Way To _____


“If you qualify, You Could Be On Your Way To More _____ Than You Ever Dreamed Possible…”


How I Made A Fortune With A “Fool Idea”


The Secret Of Making People _____ You


“In Only _____ Minutes You Can Quickly and Easily _____ Guaranteed To _____ Without _____!”


How My _____ Made Me Rich


How to increase _____ without spending _____ dollars.


With _____ you’re only one click away from automatically _____ and KNOWING _____.


My Boss thinks I’m crazy because I want to give you this entire $_____ package free just to prove a point!


How _____ dominated _____% of a market in only _____ years.


How to create naturally existing _____ from thin air.


Dramatically Boost Your _____ I.Q. …Practically Overnight!


How To _____ Past Your _____


The #1 _____ Secret I Learned from Interviewing Over _____ _____


_____ Simple Reasons Most People Will Never Get _____ …and How To Make Sure You Do!


Free $_____ Quick Start _____ Package


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